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23 August 1944, Victory Day in Romania


August 23rd 1944 has a special meaning in the hearts and minds of socialists and progressive people, both in Romania and abroad, given the fact that on this day, Romania signed the armistice agreement with the United Nations, shortening the war and providing sincere efforts for the fight against fascism.

23 augAfter freeing the last Romanian town from the fascist occupation (Carei, on the border, on the 25th October of the same year), the Romanian army also fought for the liberation of Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

The 23rd of August was the National Day of Socialist Romania, still holding a special place in the hearts of socialists, trade unionists and progressive people in our country.

23 aug 4On this occasion, the members of the Worker’s Romania Association, toghetter with members of the Romanian Socialist Party, the Communist Party, the Socialist Christian Party, the Communitarian Party, as well as citizens of all ages and social stratta, laid flowers at the Heroes Monument for Antifascist victory and for Socialism, located in front
of the Military Academy.

23 aug 3Speeches were given on the spot by the officials present and, at 11:00 am local time, we all went on a huge march, organized by the Romanian Socialist Party along the capital’s main avenues.

23 aug2The act enjoyed a great success as you can see in the photos attached to this correspondence and I also must emphasize the feeling of unity between all the progressive and socialist and communist oriented entities in Romania at the moment, all speaking with the same voice.

23 aug1I will continue to inform regarding our future activities.

Comradely regards,
Secretary General
Worker’s Romania Association

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